Aircraft Build – FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph “Yukikaze”

FFR-31MR/D スーパーシルフ ”雪風”。 1/72スケールレジンキット、プラッツから。

Super Sylph Yukikaze-A

My latest completed build. A FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph, “Yukikaze”, piloted by Rei Fukai. 1/72 scale resin kit from Platz. From the Japanese animation “Battle Fairy Yukikaze”, and book “Yukikaze” by Chohei Kambayashi.

Super Sylph Yukikaze-B

This kit also contains a TARPS reconnaissance pod, and a choice of AAM-1 or AAM-3 missiles. I myself went with a pair of each.

Super Sylph Yukikaze-D

This was probably the easiest resin kit I’ve put together. Very minimal clean-up to do, and at least on my kit, no pinholes whatsoever. I do have a couple of gripes, though. The painting instructions are very hard to understand (I actually had to print out pictures of Bandai’s 1/100 scale kit to figure out how to properly paint it), and the cockpit detail is absolutely zero. All you get are two solid chunks of clear resin that you’re supposed to paint to your favorite level of opaqueness. Other than those two items, I highly recommend this kit, especially if you’ve never tried to build resin before. This would be a good starter kit to try out!

Super Sylph Yukikaze-F

The hardest part of the build? Lining up those little stripe decals on the top!!

Super Sylph Yukikaze-H

Super Sylph Yukikaze-I

Kit was completed on September 3rd, 2016.


Mecha Build – Patlabor Helldiver

1/35 スケールパトレイバーヘルダイバー。ソフビキット、カイヨドから。


Just finished a must have kit that I never knew existed. A 1/35 scale Helldiver, soft vinyl kit from Kaiyodo. Featured in the Japanese animation “Mobile Police Patlabor”.

Patlabor Helldiver-A

I call this a must have kit, because about 15 years ago, Bandai released Units 1, 2, and 3 of the Patlabor Ingrams, plus a water and air version of the Griffon in 1/35 scale. “Great!” I thought, “I can make a killer military diorama once the Helldiver comes out!” So, of course, Bandai soon discontinued the MG Patlabor line right after the Griffon.

Patlabor Helldiver-B

Well, fast forward to a few years back, and I’m browsing Mandarake, when I come across this little gem. Hot damn, a 1/35 scale Helldiver does exist! Unfortunately, the pose is too aggressive for the diorama I had in mind (plus, I don’t have the space for one now), but I’m still glad I’ve got it in my collection.

Patlabor Helldiver-D
Patlabor Helldiver-E

Kit was finished on August 7th, 2016.

Macross Build – VF-0D Pheonix


My latest completed build is the VF-0D Phoenix, piloted by Shin Kudo, with backseat Edgar LaSalle. 1/72 scale plastic kit from Hasegawa, from the Japanese animation “Macross Zero”.


Pretty much a straight out of the box build, nothing fancy done. Only change I did was the “UN SPACY” markings on the leg should be black, but Mr. Softer worked a little too well, and I ended up accidentally trashing it. No black in my reserve supply of extra decals, but had white, and thankfully they worked out OK.


One thing I like about the Macross Zero kits, is that at 1/72 scale they’re almost as big as a 1/48 scale contemporary fighter jet kit. More bang for your buck! (or yen, as the case may be)



I don’t know why people complain about doing pilot figures. I think they’re fun!


Kit completed on July 8th, 2016. Click on an image to get a bigger view, and to see more.

Macross Build – Making a VF-25 Tornado Messiah

A while ago, I made a VF-25F Tornado Messiah from the anime “Macross Frontier – The False Diva” using a Hasegawa kit, and Bandai Tornado parts. Here’s how I did it.


For the main base kit, I used Hasegawa’s VF-25 Super kit, since that way I didn’t have to futz around with trying to fit on the leg armor. You will need to separate these parts out, though. The middle portion is not needed.



These are the Tornado parts you’ll need from the Bandai kit. I despise the Bandai Frontier line, that’s why I put these parts onto a Hasegawa kit.



Wings? You won’t need them. You can also skip the part where you put in the wing mounts/swing mechanism, since you’re going to keep the wings fully swept anyways.



On the Tornado wings, you’ll need to open the opening up a bit more to fit over the Hasegawa kit.



During construction, use Part A3. That’s the regular fighter version upper intake covering area. (area right behind cockpit).

Part D14 needs a trim. Also, the underside of the Tornado back part needs some serious inner filing. Be sure you don’t get overambitious, and sand through, though! I managed to get one area that’s pretty transparent.



When it fits like this, you’re good.



The reason why I picked the Super for the base kit is that the leg armor is just a straight build, no trying to fit Bandai armor on a Hasegawa leg (or Bandai leg on Hasegawa kit). However, the Super kit has an armored cap on the leg intakes, which the Tornado does not have. Luckily though, all the parts to a regular Messiah are included in the Super kit! On the top is the Super leg, bottom is the standard. You’ll need to put the intake together on the standard leg, then cut along the panel line.



The intake part and leg will attach to the fuselage like this. There’s a bit of an open area, so to add some fill I used some Wave epoxy putty, and filled in the extended bit on the leg. When it dried, I sanded to fit. The two parts are not attached or anything, I just wanted something there to suggest that the legs are still connected.



Last modification was to the armor on the back of the legs. The Tornado back piece has some tabs you need to cut room for. You don’t want to take these tabs off, as they’re going to hold the back piece onto the fuselage.



The rest was just a standard build. And the finished product!
VF-25F Tornado Messiah-B

VF-25F Tornado Messiah-D

VF-25F Tornado Messiah-H


This kit was completed March 22nd, 2016.

Just for Fun Build – G∀LMET Truck

My favorite band is called G∀LMET, which is a girls Death Metal group from Osaka, Japan.




A few years ago, close to Christmas time, they played a show in Sapporo. I wanted to do something nice and a little fun for them. Japan has a tradition where some truckers will highly decorate their trucks (デコトラ), but they usually do it with images of Japanese culture, or in honor of enka singers (Japan’s version of Country/Western). What if a trucker loved Metal?


Galmet Truck-B

Galmet Truck-C

Galmet Truck-D

The original kit was a 1/64 scale delivery truck kit from Aoshima. All of the decals (with the exception of the Macross Skull Squadron on the back) were custom made by me, “borrowing” my old work’s laser printer, and Fine Molds clear decal sheet.


And the best part? They liked it!

Galmet Truck-Miki and Ama

Galmet truck-Ayano, Idyako, and Ruki


This particular kit was completed on December 12, 2013.

Build year 2015

Nothing special here. These are just all the kits I built in 2015. I’m mainly playing with seeing how directly linking to my Flickr photos works out.

VF-1A Eggplane Valkyrie, from Hasegawa
VF-1A Eggplane-A

Zentradi Fleet, all 1/200000 scale kits from Arii
Zentradi - Fleet

Zentradi - Nupetiet-Vergnitzs 5731 - A

Zentradi - Queadol-Magdomilla 10107 - A

Zentradi - Quiltra-Queleual - A

Zentradi - Thuverl-Salan - A

Macross Digital Mission kits, all 1/144 scale resin cast kits from Yellow Submarine
Digital Mission All

Digital Mission VF-1X-A

Digital Mission VF-4-A

Digital Mission VF-11-A

Digital Mission VF-17-A

Digital Mission VF-19-A

Digital Mission VF-22-A

EDIT: There, I think that’s working now.

Why there will never be a “Robotech” reboot.

ClJcJauVYAAiQJK.jpg large(VF-1EX from recently aired Macross Delta, nothing to do with Robotech)


So, there’s an American remake of “Voltron” playing on Nextflix, and seems to be doing pretty well, judging by the few reactions I’ve seen on Twitter. And, almost always, someone pipes in with “They need to reboot Robotech too!”. Well, there’s a 0.0000000000000000000% chance of that happening.


Some may know, and others do not, Robotech is an amalgamation of three separate shows:

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross

Genesis Climber Mospeada


Basically, the rights to these 3 shows were acquired by a company called Harmony Gold, who then proceed to ditch the story line of all three series, and (tried to) write one big script tying the 3 totally unrelated series all together into one big story. Well, this was the mid ’80’s. They didn’t know any better.


Now, the rights to these three series is a big, sticky legal mess. Seems that Tatsunoko Productions in Japan ended up selling rights that weren’t theirs to sell to begin with. It has now ended up that HG has the rights to the animation of the 85 (or so) episodes of Robotech, and the merchandising of said series. That means comics books, games, toys, and such. Sorry for the bold caps, but this is the big point, HARMONY GOLD DOES NOT HAVE/OWN THE RIGHTS TO CREATE NEW ANIMATION OR LIVE ACTION ADAPTATIONS USING THE ORIGINAL DESIGNS/CHARACTER ELEMENTS FROM SUPER DIMENSIONAL FORTRESS MACROSS. And what is the one series from Robotech that everyone wants to see? It sure ain’t Southern Cross.


Now, of the 3 original series, the Macross franchise is still going strong to this date. And the rights to the original Macross designs still reside with Big West of Japan. But, how many of the Macross series have you legally seen outside of Japan? Less than half. Video games, zero. Manga, zero. And you can thank HG for that. They are basically blocking anything Macross related from being released outside of Japan. I heard one time that they were doing it because they didn’t want anything to contradict the Robotech Universe they were trying to construct, and any Macross series after the original SDFM did just that.


Due to HG’s shenanigans (they even had the hubris to try and copy-write “Macross” in Japan), Big West will never play ball with them, and grant them the rights to make new animation using the orignal designs and story elements. The latest series on air now, “Macross Delta”, is doing very well with the fans, and so they have no interest in revisiting the original series, either. If the main rights holders aren’t interested, then a reboot is not happening. I also really wonder about the supposed Robotech live action movie. Again, see my bold, caps point above.




The difference between Macross and Robotech (man, it irks me when people still think they’re the same thing)


The big, sticky legal mess of Macross outside of Japan.