Macross Build – VF-25G w/Fold Speakers

VF-25Gメサイア w/フォールドスピーカー  1/72スケール、ハセガワから

Back to Macross! Here is a VF-25G Messiah, with Fold Speakers, piloted by Michael Blanc (sometimes know as Michele), with Ranka Lee in the backseat. 1/72 scale plastic model kit from Hasegawa. From the Japanese animation “Macross Frontier”.


Took me a little longer to build this one, for some reason. No real troubles, though I did take a vacation back to America during the build.


I think Hasegawa redid the decals for this kit. I remember the ones on the VF-25F/S being really difficult to work with. These I really didn’t have a problem with.


Specifically, this set-up is from Episode 12, Fastest Delivery. The N.U.N.S. 33rd Naval/Marine Zentradi Fleet at planet Galia 4 start to mutiny when Sheryl Nome has to cancel a concert, so they emergency fold Ranka Lee to the planet in the back of Michele’s Messiah, equipped with the Fold Speakers. And you thought YOUR car stereo set-up was impressive!


I also lost Michele’s head right when I was finishing the build. Accidentally picked it up with tweezers (I had unknowingly set the tweezers down over his head), and heard something go flying off into one of the corners of my build room. I also have a VF-25G Super Messiah kit, so I stole the head from that. When I get around to building that, it’ll just have to be pilot-less.



This kit was completed on July 31st, 2017.


Mecha Build – Tachikoma

タチコマ 1/24スケール ウェーブから

Up next is a Tachikoma. This is a 1/24 scale plastic kit from Wave. It’s from the Japanese animation “Ghost In the Shell – S.A.C. 2nd Gig”.


And I can’t believe how fast I got this kit out. Only 1 week?!? Well, that says a lot about the type of kit Wave puts out. Little simpler construction, but the finished product still looks nice.


The blue was a combination of cobalt blue and regular blue, with some white and purple thrown in. The shiny bits are Alclad chrome, over a gloss black base.


These are probably my favorite characters in GITS. Spoiling here (but it is an older series now), but if you weren’t moved at the end of 2nd Gig, when they sacrifice their AI/consciousness satellite to save everyone, you’re a cold, hard person!


Talking with Christine about the merits of sentient machines.


Kit was finished on June 10th, 2017.

Macross Build – ES-11D Cat’s Eye

ES-11D キャッツ・アイ 1/72スケールレジンキット タンメンモデルから。

Another Macross build complete. And not a fighter for once! This here is an ES-11D Cat’s Eye, from the Japanese animation “Super Dimensional Fortress Macross”. The kit is a 1/72 scale resin model from Tanmen Models.


If you build garage kits, you may recognize that name. Tanmen did some of the Macross sculpts for Club M a while back. This kit came from when he tried to branch out on his own. I think it’s one of the final Macross kits he ever sculpted.



Pretty typical garage kit. Some pinholes to fix, some warped bits to straighten, some major gaps to fill. I still like the challenge of a GK, though, even though I can never get the canopy parts to fit properly, no matter how many times I try! The display stand was included in the kit, though the decals were extras I had. The original ones were a little roached.



Kit was completed on June 3rd, 2017.

Macross Build-SVF-41 Black Aces VF-19 Excalibur with FAST packs

SVF-41ブラックエイセス  VF-19エクスカリバー w/ファストパック 1/72スケール、ハセガワから

Macross build #50 complete!! And it only took about 17 years to get there!

VF-19 Black Aces-A

This is a 1/72 scale plastic model kit, from Hasegawa. VF-19 Excalibur, with FAST packs, from the squadron SVF-41 “Black Aces”, from the same timeline as “Macross 7” and “Macross Plus”.

VF-19 Black Aces-B

Again, this is a kit that doesn’t officially exist (I’ve been doing that a lot lately!) The main kit is the SVF-569 Lightnings with High Maneuver Missiles VF-19 kit. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just go ahead and do the Lightnings scheme, it’s that I’ve already built one in 1/48 scale.  I kept back the missiles for another project, used some of the leftover Black Aces decals I had from Hasegawa’s previous VF-1 kit, and ordered the FAST packs from the VF-19EF/A kit (sprue SH). Also used a PE set from Jasmine Models. I like using their stuff, but sometimes their directions are as clear as mud, and cause more troubles that they’re worth.

VF-19 Black Aces-D

VF-19 Black Aces-E

VF-19 Black Aces-G

The 50th Macross kit I’ve completed was completed on May 7, 2017.

Macross Build – VF-1S Valkyrie, TV Version

VF-1S バルキリー、テレビバージョン。1/48スケール、ハセガワから。

Another build down! This time, it’s a 1/48 scale VF-1S Valkyrie (TV version), piloted by Roy Focker from the Japanese animation “Superdimensional Fortress Macross”.

VF-1S Valkyrie TV-A

Now, technically, this particular kit doesn’t exist. There’s a 1/48 VF-1S movie version, but no TV. What I did was take the VF-1J/A Vermilion Squadron kit, stole the VF-1S head from another kit (DYRL Super/Strike kit), along with the skull, pilot name, and 001 decals, and made my own. All the black and yellow markings were painted, only decals used were the kites, skulls, and various warnings.

VF-1S Valkyrie TV-B

VF-1S Valkyrie TV-C

I also used Hasegawa’s P.E. set, and weapons set.

VF-1S Valkyrie TV-F

VF-1S Valkyrie TV-H

Kit was completed on April 14th, 2017.

Aircraft build – Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II

A-10A サンダーボルトII、1/48スケール、タミヤから


Or, better known as the “Warthog”. This is a 1/48 scale plastic kit, from Tamiya. Pretty much a straight out of the box build.


You really can’t tell, but I put a drop of clear crafting resin on the tips of each Maverick missile to give the impression of a lens cap. Looks nice in person.


I saw a few of these taking off from McGuire Air Force Base during Operation Desert Scam (yes, I’m biased about that). You don’t hear them coming at you, but you sure hear them when they leave.



Kit was completed on February 20th, 2017.

Macross Build – VF-22 Sturmvogel II

VF-22 シュトゥルムフォーゲルII 1/72 スケールレジンキット

Was hoping to get this done as the last build of 2016, instead it’s the first for 2017.

Here is a 1/72 scale resin cast kit of a VF-22 Sturmvogel II with FAST pack, from Club M, from the same timeline as “Macross 7” and “Macross Plus”.

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-A

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-G

Now, before you go running off to Yahoo Japan auctions to try and find this kit, it’s actually a slightly modified YF-21 kit, with some of my extra Macross decals and aftermarket decals for an F-22 Raptor. It is a beast! Weighs close to 3 kg completed.

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-C

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-D

Only physical modification I did was to sand off the canopy protrusions for the side windows of the YF-21, and paint in the canopy look from the VF-22. Found a real nice masking set on Amazon Japan for that. The canopy was casted with a translucent resin, so I put down a few layers of clear black to tint it more. There is a pilot figure in there, he’s just pretty hidden.

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-I

Stupid in-joke that only I will find funny, found a pilot sticker with the same first name as me, so of course I used it.

VF-22 Sturmvogel II-J

This kit was finished on January 4th, 2017.