Automobile build-V8 Interceptor/Pursuit Special


Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-A

One of the Top 5 most iconic Hollywood movie automobiles, it’s Max Rockatansky’s V8 Interceptor/Pursuit Special, from the time around the film “Mad Max 2:The Road Warrior”. This is a 1/24 scale plastic model kit from Aoshima.

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-B

This is the “Super Detal” kit, that came with photo etched parts, and 2 paper boxes for the Dinky-Di dog food.

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-C

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-D

I went ahead and cut out the side windows on the kit, since I don’t think they’re ever closed in the film. You can’t see it in the pictures, but I also drilled out the bolts in the rim of the spare tire, too. The weathering was done with Mr. Weathering Color Grayish Brown as a base, with highlights by Tamiya Weathering Master Set A. It looks a lot more dirtier in person than on camera, for some reason.

PE windshield wipers! Probably the most difficult PE parts I’ve ever worked with.

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-E

Interior shots before the final assembly. Of course you can’t really see all this once it’s been built.

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-F

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-G

Mad Max Interceptor・Pursuit Special-H

This kit was completed on May 6, 2019.

And I’ve now matched the amount of kits I built last year!!


Macross Build – VF-1J Super GERWALK, Milia

VF-1J スーパーガウォークバルキリー、ミリアタイプ 1/72スケール ハセガワから

VF-1J Super Valkyrie, GERWALK configuration. Piloted by Milia Fallyna Jenius, giving a hand up to her husband Max. 1/72 scale plastic kit from Hasegawa. From the Japanese animation “Super Dimensional Fortress Macross”.

VF-1J Super Gerwallk-A

OK, not quite a straight OOB here. The RMS-1 Reactor Bombs are from the Hasegawa weapons/pilot set, the decals for said weapons are from the old Club M/Yellow Submarine kits (for some reason, even though those kits are DYRL versions, the weapons markings are TV), Hasegawa PE set, and an outside source Max figure. You can’t get the figure anymore. They guy who made them ran afoul of Lucasfilm lawyers by selling an unlicensed Star Wars kit, and had to shut down.

VF-1J Super Gerwallk-B

VF-1J Super Gerwallk-D

Standard build for the rest. I did paint some buttons in the cockpit, and made a HUD, but that’s about it for special stuff.

VF-1J Super Gerwallk-F

VF-1J Super Gerwallk-I

This kit was completed on April 5, 2019.

Mecha Build – Patlabor Griffon

シャフト・エンタープライズ タイプJ9グリフォン 1/35スケールソフトビニールキット、カイヨドから

Patlabor Griffon-A

We’ve just started February, and I’m already at half my level of production from last year!

Just completed a Schaft Enterprises Type J9 Griffon. This is a 1/35 scale soft vinyl kit from Kaiyodo, featured in the Japanese animation “Mobile Police Patlabor”.

Patlabor Griffon-C

Just looking at him, you can tell he’s the good guy, right?

Patlabor Griffon-E

This is actually the second time I’ve built this kit. The first one didn’t survive the move from overseas. I had given it a home made clearcoat of Future floor polish, and paper dust from the shredded paper I used as packing material totally embedded into it, so it looked like total crap. Plus, at the time that was only the second vinyl kit I had built, so it looked kind of bad for that reason, too.

Patlabor Griffon-F

Forgot how back heavy the wings make this kit. But, I’ve got it displayed in a corner of the shelf, so it won’t fall over.

Patlabor Griffon-H

This kit was completed on February 3rd, 2019.

Macross Build – RVF-25 Messiah


First build of 2019! An RVF-25 Messiah, piloted by Luca Angelloni. 1/72 scale plastic kit by Hasegawa. From the Japanese animation “Macross Frontier”.


The green shades were mixed by scratch following the instructions sheet. You had to mix white, cyan, and yellow. Hooray for math and remembering how to do dilutions and ratios!


Nothing much else to say about this, only that I started in back in September, and have no idea why it took me so long to finish.


Luca does have 3 Ghosts that he flies with, but they’re not included in the Hasegawa kit.




Here’s to hoping I can build more than 4 kits this year…

This was completed on January 8th, 2019.

2018 – A (slow) build year in review.

Well, 2018 is over, and man, I was not productive at all! Well, I’m going to Japanese school full-time, so between classes and study (and a model that fought me every step of the way), I just didn’t have much time to build this year. Anyway, here’s what I did build:

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie, SVF-101 “Grim Reapers”. 1/72 scale resin cast model kit, from Yellow Submarine/Club M. This is the kit that fought me every step of the way, and made me swear off of resin kits for the rest of the year! Finished on March 6, 2018.

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Grim Reapers-F

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Grim Reapers-D

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Grim Reapers-G

The SDF-1 Macross, television series version. 1/5000 scale plastic model from Imai. Finished on April 7, 2018.




MechatroWeGo, done up like a VF-1J Super Valkyrie. 1/20 scale plastic kit from Hasegawa, with FAST pack from a 1/72 Bandai Macross kit. Finished on May 27, 2018.

Mechatro VF-1J-A

Mechatro VF-1J-C

Mechatro VF-1J-G

VF-11D Thunderbolt. 1/72 scale plastic model from Hasegawa, resin cast weapons from the Club M kit. Finished on August 22, 2018.




Here’s to hoping I can build more than 4 kits in 2019!!!

Dual Macross Builds: VF-11D Thunderbolt and VT-11 Emu

Something new, something old. Since both of these are based off the same kit, and I haven’t done an entry on the older one, here they both are.

Both are based off of the VF-11D Thunder Focus kit (1/72 scale) put out by Hasegawa for “Macross the Ride”. This is one of those kits that I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone build the way it should be!


“MtR” was a visual novel type of thing, detailing an air-race set in the Macross universe, with everyone flying various modified VF’s. The Thunder Focus was a camera chaser for the races, I believe.


I bought an extra set of VF-11B decals, and gunpod though Hasegawa, and the weapons are from the Club M resin cast VF-11 kit.




Now, the VT-11 Emu is a made up designation of my own. In “Macross Plus”, you can briefly see a VF-17 Nightmare done up in training colors, but I thought that was a waste of stealth technology. so I made this one. I was keeping up the tradition of naming training aircraft after large, flightless birds.

VT-11 Emu-A

VT-11 Emu-C

VT-11 Emu-D

VT-11 Emu-F

VF-11D Thunderbolt was completed on August 22, 2018.

VT-11 Emu was completed on April 17, 2016.

Macross build?? VF-1J Super MechatroWeGo

VF-1J スーパーメカトロウィーゴ

Mechatro VF-1J-A

Say what now?? Here’s a little something I did for fun. It’s a 1/20 scale MechatroWeGo kit from Hasegawa, with VF-1J Super Parts from an old Bandai kit added on. I was inspired to make this after seeing pictures of Hidetaka Tenjin (Macross artist) and Nozomi Nishida (voice actress) playing around with prototype FAST packs from the upcoming 1/20 scale VF-1 kit.

Mechatro VF-1J-C

Mechatro VF-1J-E

I love these kits. They’re cute, and very modifiable!

Mechatro VF-1J-F

Mechatro VF-1J-G

This kit was completed on May 27, 2018.