Build Year 2016 – A year of kits built

Happy 2017! This here is just a recap of what I built in 2016:

1958 Plymouth Fury “Christine”. 1/25 scale plastic model from a.m.t. From the Stephen King book, and movie of the same name. Finished January 5th.


VF-25F Tornado Messiah, piloted by Alto Saotome. 1/72 scale plastic kit from Hasegawa, combined with parts from Bandai. From the Japanese animation “Macross Frontier – The False Songstress”. Finished March 22nd.

VF-25F Tornado Messiah-B

VT-11 Emu training aircraft. 1/72 scale plastic model from Hasegawa. From the same time era as the Japanese animation “Macross Plus” and “Macross 7”. Finished April 17th.

VT-11 Emu-A

VF-1J Valkyrie, “Skull 112”. 1/72 scale resin cast kit from Club M/Yellow Submarine. From the Japanese animation “Macross : Do You Remember Love?” Finished June 5th.

VF-1J Skull 112-B

1/72 scale VF-0D Phoenix. Plastic model kit from Hasegawa. From the Japanese animation “Macross Zero”. Finished July 8th.


Helldiver. 1/35 scale soft vinyl kit from Kaiyodo. From the Japanese animation “Mobile Police Patlabor”. Finished August 7th.

Patlabor Helldiver-A

FFR-31MR/D Super Sylph, “Yukikaze”. Piloted by Rei Fukai. 1/72 scale resin kit from Platz. From the Japanese animation “Battle Fairy Yukikaze”. Finished September 4th.

Super Sylph Yukikaze-A

FRX-00 Mave “Yukikaze”. Piloted by Rei Fukai. 1/72 scale resin kit from Platz. From the Japanese animation “Battle Fairy Yukikaze”. Finished October 2nd.

Mave Yukikaze-A

VF-1A Valkyrie, Gerwalk configuration, piloted by Hayao Kakizaki. 1/72 scale platic model kit from Hasegawa, missiles from the Macross weapons set. From the Japanese animation “Super Dimensional Fortress Macorss”. Finished November 23rd.

VF-1A Gerwalk Kakizaki-A

What will be next? Well, I figured that if I can finish 1 kit a month with my current stash, without buying anything new, I’ll run out of kits in about 4 years. So, I’m going to keep going for quite a while! Stay tuned!!


Mecha Build – Patlabor Helldiver

1/35 スケールパトレイバーヘルダイバー。ソフビキット、カイヨドから。


Just finished a must have kit that I never knew existed. A 1/35 scale Helldiver, soft vinyl kit from Kaiyodo. Featured in the Japanese animation “Mobile Police Patlabor”.

Patlabor Helldiver-A

I call this a must have kit, because about 15 years ago, Bandai released Units 1, 2, and 3 of the Patlabor Ingrams, plus a water and air version of the Griffon in 1/35 scale. “Great!” I thought, “I can make a killer military diorama once the Helldiver comes out!” So, of course, Bandai soon discontinued the MG Patlabor line right after the Griffon.

Patlabor Helldiver-B

Well, fast forward to a few years back, and I’m browsing Mandarake, when I come across this little gem. Hot damn, a 1/35 scale Helldiver does exist! Unfortunately, the pose is too aggressive for the diorama I had in mind (plus, I don’t have the space for one now), but I’m still glad I’ve got it in my collection.

Patlabor Helldiver-D
Patlabor Helldiver-E

Kit was finished on August 7th, 2016.