Macross Build – VF-0A Phoenix Battroid

VF-0A フェニックス バトロイド。1/72スケール、ハセガワから。

Back to Macross, and back to the beginning of Macross. Here’s a 1/72 scale VF-0A Phoenix, in Battroid configuration. From the Japanese animation “Macross Zero”, kit from Hasegawa.

VF-0A Battroid-A

This here is a non-hero mech, commonly referred to as a “cannon fodder” model. Sometimes, you gotta show love for the unnamed folk.

VF-0A Battroid-B

Nothing special done with this build, just a straight OBB. EDIT- Nope, I take that back. On the chest, where the air-brake is, I drilled out the holes instead of painting them black.

VF-0A Battroid-D

Showing the size difference between a VF-0 and a VF-1.

VF-0A Battroid-F

This kit was completed on November 14th, 2017.


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Live in Japan. Like Macross, building models, and heavy metal, among others.

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