Macross Build-SVF-41 Black Aces VF-19 Excalibur with FAST packs

SVF-41ブラックエイセス  VF-19エクスカリバー w/ファストパック 1/72スケール、ハセガワから

Macross build #50 complete!! And it only took about 17 years to get there!

VF-19 Black Aces-A

This is a 1/72 scale plastic model kit, from Hasegawa. VF-19 Excalibur, with FAST packs, from the squadron SVF-41 “Black Aces”, from the same timeline as “Macross 7” and “Macross Plus”.

VF-19 Black Aces-B

Again, this is a kit that doesn’t officially exist (I’ve been doing that a lot lately!) The main kit is the SVF-569 Lightnings with High Maneuver Missiles VF-19 kit. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just go ahead and do the Lightnings scheme, it’s that I’ve already built one in 1/48 scale.  I kept back the missiles for another project, used some of the leftover Black Aces decals I had from Hasegawa’s previous VF-1 kit, and ordered the FAST packs from the VF-19EF/A kit (sprue SH). Also used a PE set from Jasmine Models. I like using their stuff, but sometimes their directions are as clear as mud, and cause more troubles that they’re worth.

VF-19 Black Aces-D

VF-19 Black Aces-E

VF-19 Black Aces-G

The 50th Macross kit I’ve completed was completed on May 7, 2017.


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