Yeti Stand – a quick review

As a modeler, mainly of aircraft, I’m always on the lookout for different and interesting ways to display my completed work. Yeti Stand fits the bill pretty well. His products are mostly for use of the 1/60 scale Macross toys from Yamato/Arcadia/Ban Dai, and he sells adapters to match. He is thinking about offering a brass rod style adapter too, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.



This is what I bought, the wall mount set-up. I also picked up the regular arm, and an XL arm. I would recommend going with all XL arms if you want to display 3 or more items on this. The dry wall mount kit was extra.



So, here we are to the adapters. Right now, you have to special request these, but hopefully soon they’ll be a buyable option. (UPDATEyou can buy them now!) You get 3 different sizes, 1 mm, 3mm, and an extra beefy 6 mm. The 1 mm I’d recommend for plastic kits up to 1/72 scale. 3 mm, resin kits, and 1/48 scale plastic kits. 6 mm, use your imagination!



The adapters are 3D printed, but pretty solid. I did a little light sanding on them, primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000, then painted them black. The adapter is deep enough to hold about 20 mm of brass rod, so you’ve got a pretty solid base to work off of.



So, here’s the completed set-up. The kits I used are 1/72 scale Mave (top) and Super Sylph Yukikaze resin kits, from Platz Models. I chose the mounting point on the kit because that’s where the kit is thickest, and could take a longer portion of rod and be more stable.


Bottom line: I like the adapters. They perfectly do the job they’re designed to do. And the wall mount stand is a nice idea, especially if your display space is limited (living in Japan, space is always at a premium). Visit his site (link is above), and check it out. And as I said, right now you’ll have to special request the brass rod adapter. Hopefully it will be readily available in the future. Again updateyou can buy them now


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