Macross Build – Making a VF-25 Tornado Messiah

A while ago, I made a VF-25F Tornado Messiah from the anime “Macross Frontier – The False Diva” using a Hasegawa kit, and Bandai Tornado parts. Here’s how I did it.


For the main base kit, I used Hasegawa’s VF-25 Super kit, since that way I didn’t have to futz around with trying to fit on the leg armor. You will need to separate these parts out, though. The middle portion is not needed.



These are the Tornado parts you’ll need from the Bandai kit. I despise the Bandai Frontier line, that’s why I put these parts onto a Hasegawa kit.



Wings? You won’t need them. You can also skip the part where you put in the wing mounts/swing mechanism, since you’re going to keep the wings fully swept anyways.



On the Tornado wings, you’ll need to open the opening up a bit more to fit over the Hasegawa kit.



During construction, use Part A3. That’s the regular fighter version upper intake covering area. (area right behind cockpit).

Part D14 needs a trim. Also, the underside of the Tornado back part needs some serious inner filing. Be sure you don’t get overambitious, and sand through, though! I managed to get one area that’s pretty transparent.



When it fits like this, you’re good.



The reason why I picked the Super for the base kit is that the leg armor is just a straight build, no trying to fit Bandai armor on a Hasegawa leg (or Bandai leg on Hasegawa kit). However, the Super kit has an armored cap on the leg intakes, which the Tornado does not have. Luckily though, all the parts to a regular Messiah are included in the Super kit! On the top is the Super leg, bottom is the standard. You’ll need to put the intake together on the standard leg, then cut along the panel line.



The intake part and leg will attach to the fuselage like this. There’s a bit of an open area, so to add some fill I used some Wave epoxy putty, and filled in the extended bit on the leg. When it dried, I sanded to fit. The two parts are not attached or anything, I just wanted something there to suggest that the legs are still connected.



Last modification was to the armor on the back of the legs. The Tornado back piece has some tabs you need to cut room for. You don’t want to take these tabs off, as they’re going to hold the back piece onto the fuselage.



The rest was just a standard build. And the finished product!
VF-25F Tornado Messiah-B

VF-25F Tornado Messiah-D

VF-25F Tornado Messiah-H


This kit was completed March 22nd, 2016.


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Live in Japan. Like Macross, building models, and heavy metal, among others.

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