Just for Fun Build – G∀LMET Truck

My favorite band is called G∀LMET, which is a girls Death Metal group from Osaka, Japan.




A few years ago, close to Christmas time, they played a show in Sapporo. I wanted to do something nice and a little fun for them. Japan has a tradition where some truckers will highly decorate their trucks (デコトラ), but they usually do it with images of Japanese culture, or in honor of enka singers (Japan’s version of Country/Western). What if a trucker loved Metal?


Galmet Truck-B

Galmet Truck-C

Galmet Truck-D

The original kit was a 1/64 scale delivery truck kit from Aoshima. All of the decals (with the exception of the Macross Skull Squadron on the back) were custom made by me, “borrowing” my old work’s laser printer, and Fine Molds clear decal sheet.


And the best part? They liked it!

Galmet Truck-Miki and Ama

Galmet truck-Ayano, Idyako, and Ruki


This particular kit was completed on December 12, 2013.


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Live in Japan. Like Macross, building models, and heavy metal, among others.

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