Why there will never be a “Robotech” reboot.

ClJcJauVYAAiQJK.jpg large(VF-1EX from recently aired Macross Delta, nothing to do with Robotech)


So, there’s an American remake of “Voltron” playing on Nextflix, and seems to be doing pretty well, judging by the few reactions I’ve seen on Twitter. And, almost always, someone pipes in with “They need to reboot Robotech too!”. Well, there’s a 0.0000000000000000000% chance of that happening.


Some may know, and others do not, Robotech is an amalgamation of three separate shows:

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross

Genesis Climber Mospeada


Basically, the rights to these 3 shows were acquired by a company called Harmony Gold, who then proceed to ditch the story line of all three series, and (tried to) write one big script tying the 3 totally unrelated series all together into one big story. Well, this was the mid ’80’s. They didn’t know any better.


Now, the rights to these three series is a big, sticky legal mess. Seems that Tatsunoko Productions in Japan ended up selling rights that weren’t theirs to sell to begin with. It has now ended up that HG has the rights to the animation of the 85 (or so) episodes of Robotech, and the merchandising of said series. That means comics books, games, toys, and such. Sorry for the bold caps, but this is the big point, HARMONY GOLD DOES NOT HAVE/OWN THE RIGHTS TO CREATE NEW ANIMATION OR LIVE ACTION ADAPTATIONS USING THE ORIGINAL DESIGNS/CHARACTER ELEMENTS FROM SUPER DIMENSIONAL FORTRESS MACROSS. And what is the one series from Robotech that everyone wants to see? It sure ain’t Southern Cross.


Now, of the 3 original series, the Macross franchise is still going strong to this date. And the rights to the original Macross designs still reside with Big West of Japan. But, how many of the Macross series have you legally seen outside of Japan? Less than half. Video games, zero. Manga, zero. And you can thank HG for that. They are basically blocking anything Macross related from being released outside of Japan. I heard one time that they were doing it because they didn’t want anything to contradict the Robotech Universe they were trying to construct, and any Macross series after the original SDFM did just that.


Due to HG’s shenanigans (they even had the hubris to try and copy-write “Macross” in Japan), Big West will never play ball with them, and grant them the rights to make new animation using the orignal designs and story elements. The latest series on air now, “Macross Delta”, is doing very well with the fans, and so they have no interest in revisiting the original series, either. If the main rights holders aren’t interested, then a reboot is not happening. I also really wonder about the supposed Robotech live action movie. Again, see my bold, caps point above.




The difference between Macross and Robotech (man, it irks me when people still think they’re the same thing)


The big, sticky legal mess of Macross outside of Japan.




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